90 Day Life Makeover Challenge

Are you finally ready to be the person you desire to be?

Are you ready to improve the quality of your relationships?

Are you ready to improve your fitness and health?

Are you ready to create better habits?

If you can answer “yes” to at least three of these questions, then this Life Makeover Challenge may be perfect for you.

 What can you expect from this Life Makeover Challenge?

The 90 Day Like Makeover Challenge is a challenge for you to be the best person you can be. You will be guided to be more positive, more self-confident, to overcome fears, to create better habits,  improve your relationships, improve your fitness and diet, achieve your personal goals, and to enhance the quality of your life.

  • Weekly:
    ~ Monday Motivation email to start the week off. This will include motivation, the details of our focus for the week, your weekly mantra and tips.
    ~ Self-Improvement Webinar to further explain our weekly focus. (Each Monday)
    ~ Podcast every Wednesday to keep you moving during the week.
    ~ Exercise Tutorials to improve your fitness.
    ~ Nutrition tips and recipes to help you choose better diet choices.
  • Bi-Weekly:
    ~ Self-guided self-improvement courses to help you with your weekly focus.
  • Daily:
    ~ An affirmation or inspirational message sent to you via InspireText, Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp. Each message will be to enhance your progress in this challenge.
  • Extra Bonuses:
    ~ E-mail support for the length of the Challenge. If you have a question, need inspiration or want a tip for something specific, you will have access to email me directly.
    ~ Rewards!!! Lots of rewards. For progress and participation!
    ~ Special Guest Webinars!
    ~ One live meetup to celebrate – if you are able to attend. Location will be announced at the one the 30th day of the challenge. I will aim for a location that is affordable to travel to for most people participating in this challenge.

Break down of the 90 Day Life Challenge.

  1. An assessment will be emailed to you after you sign up. Fill this out and send it back. This helps me to learn what your goals are, your struggles are and more information so I can guide you the best possible way throughout this challenge.
  2. First 30 Days:
    ~ For the first 30 days the primary focus will be on you. We will focus on your believes, your thoughts, and your emotional patterns. You will learn to develop a healthier relationship with yourself, develop healthier ways of thinking and more self-motivation. This base is needed to make sure true change happens.
    ~ Introduction of exercises,
  3. Second 30 Days
    For the second 30 days, you will continue to build a healthier relationship with yourself as well as with others.

This is not a weight loss program or a body makeover program, but you can improve your body shape by participating in this program. That is not the main goal, but one of the goals.

The next 90 Day Makeover begins on March 1st. For more information, please fill out the form below: